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Saturday 25th September
Sunday 26th September

U14/15 Girls 2021

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Competition Day One: Friday October 1st

Under 14/15 Girls - Day 1 (Field 1)

Field 2Field 2
Kick OffFinal WhistleHomeAway
8:309:15Magic United RedEastern Suburbs
9:2010:05Magic United BlueRobina
10:1010:55TKFAMagic United Red
11:0011:45QLD JoeysMagic United Blue
11:5012:35Moreton BayRobina
12:4013:25Magic United BlueTKFA
13:3014:15MitcheltonEastern Suburbs
14:2015:05TKFAQLD Joeys
15:1015:55Magic United RedMitchelton
16:0016:45Eastern SuburbsMoreton Bay
17:4018:25Moreton BayQLD Joeys

Competition Day Two: Saturday October 2nd

Under 14/15 Girls - Day 2 (Field 1)

Field 2Field 2
Kick OffFinal WhistleHomeAway
8:309:15QLD JoeysRobina
9:2010:05Magic United RedMoreton Bay
10:1010:55Magic United BlueEastern Suburbs
11:0011:45QLD JoeysMagic United Red
11:5012:35Moreton BayMitchelton
13:3014:15Eastern SuburbsQLD Joeys
14:2015:05MitcheltonMagic United Blue
15:1015:55RobinaMagic United Red
16:0016:45TKFAEastern Suburbs
16:5017:35Magic United BlueMoreton Bay

Competition Day Three: Sunday October 3rd

Under 14/15 Girls - Day 3 (Field 1)

Field 1Field 1
Kick OffFinal WhistleGameHomeAway
8:309:15 QLD JoeysMitchelton
9:2010:05 RobinaEastern Suburbs
10:1010:55 Magic United RedMagic United Blue
11:0011:45 Moreton BayTKFA
12:1012:55Plate Semi Final A5th8th
13:0013:45Plate Semi Final B6th7th
13:5014:35Premier Semi Final A1st4th
14:4015:25Premier Semi Final B2nd3rd
15:4016:25Plate 3rd PlaceLoser Semi Final ALoser Semi Final B
16:3017:15Plate FinalWinner Semi Final AWinner Semi Final B
17:2018:05Premier 3rd PlaceLoser Semi Final ALoser Semi Final B
18:1018:55Premier FinalWinner Semi Final AWinner Semi Final B


Merrimac Football Club
18 Fairway Drive, Clear Island Waters QLD 4226

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