About Premier Invitational

The Premier Invitational is a youth Soccer Tournament held on the Gold Coast annually in the first week of July each year. The tournament began in 2012 with two age groups of 16 teams. Since then the tournament has grown by three more age groups. 2014 saw over 700 players take part between the age of 7 – 11 years old. Teams from the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW attended the tournament

In 2015 Under 8s – Under 12s will participate in the Tournament, and will run over 3 days Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Every team will play 9 games over the weekend, with over 900 Players will be playing in the tournament. Teams Invited will be from Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast,& NSW. Age groups will play in 3 hour blocks over the 3 days and the tournament will be run from 2 venues – Magic United & Emmanuel College or Alabaster. Registration Fees per team will be $100 per team, if clubs enters a team in each age group, this will be reduced to a rate of $400 for the 5 teams.